At one time or another, everyone experiences some type of back or joint pain. If you take an informal survey of family and friends, you will probably find that at one time or another more than 50% have had some type of joint pain; and probably everyone had some type of experiences with back joint pain. According to a CDC study from 2019, during a 3-month period more than 58% of all adults over the age of 18 have had some type of back or joint pain and three out of five had some some type back pain.

One of the most common pain areas in my office is low back joint pain. The pain in sometimes located only in the lower back. Sometimes the lower back joint pain can radiate to this hips, buttocks and legs. As a fellow low back pain suffer, its extremely important to find good solutions.

The best exercise for anyone who has had lower back joint pain is the 3 Amigos. Everyone should do these exercises every day whether they have pain or not. The 3 Amigos are made up of the following exercises: shaking, buttock squeezing, figures then repeat from the beginning. Its important always practice the exercises from the center.

Click below to watch Dr. Bendavid demonstrate the 3 Amigos to help lesson lower back joint pain.

Healthy Habits and Recommendations to help with lower back joint pain

To help with lessoning joint pain, healthy diet and weight need to be considered. Next remaining active with proper stretching before any activity lessons joint pain. If you work at a desk, always get up and move around every hour to reduce stiffness and joint pain. Quit smoking (any kind), its bad for the joints. Studies show a correlation between back pain and smoking, read here