Did you ever feel like you have to make a change? To find the road to healthy life. That maybe life has the potential to be easier and more fulfilling? In fact, you have the potential to be happier? Because, I’m sure you have all heard the term Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment. Sounds good right? But will it solve all the problems..

The road to healthy life. But what is it? And how do I get there? We all want to be healthy, happy and energetic. Along with waking up with a big smile and be ready to enjoy the day. But the truth is that most of us do not feel this way and most likely we feel closer to the opposite. For example, the daily road which can include the kids who refuse to get dressed in the morning; driving through traffic on the way to work; the boss that does not seems too appreciative or the spouse who always find something i\to complaint about…

So with the questions from above, where do we even start the journey for gratitude and the road to health life?

First thing first: Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can….Wherever you are right now is exactly where you should be. Additionally remind yourself that every journey starts with one step, even the smallest tiny step is getting you closer to the destination.

Every week I’m going to share with you a small step, something very doable that you can start practicing right away.

The first step

The first step for today is MAKE A DECISION!

Look into your eyes in the mirror and say out loud : I’m willing to change!
Now see what comes up, what thoughts are coming to the surface (this is nonsense, it’s not going to work etc…) watch the resistance.

Now remember, the journey will not always be easy.

But it is worth it!

Happy grateful new year!