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We hope that you are all well and counting blessings at this difficult time. Gratitude is the very best attitude. I wish to inform you of the temporary changes in our office at this time. In view of the self-distancing orders for the Coronavirus we are asking that our patients not come to the office if they have any symptoms at all. We are spacing our patients to avoid crowding and to allow proper sanitizing of the office in between each patient’s visit; and more time needed to further check each patient individually like taking temperatures and other diagnostic measures. We will also be providing FaceTime or phone sessions as an alternative option (which insurance does cover in most cases).

Should any changes occur we’ll notify you as soon as possible. 

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week of completion

Up in till now, we have learned to integrate one week with another. Now let’s find a way to integrate all the work we’ve done so far by bringing together the past 9 week’s program; which included understanding, positive attitude, attitude of gratitude, act on it, absorb and pay attention. By being consistent it will help you to master the 10 weeks program “road to healthy life;” and help with the practice of these tools in your life.

For that you will need to: BE YOU. ACCEPT YOU. LOVE YOU.

The Road to Healthy Life
Road to Healthy Life

the number 9 represents the truth

The image of the 9 represents the truth

Let’s take this week to look inside us. Find the truth in what might slow us down from moving forward and being consistent and honest.

Week #9 Task: If you have noticed that you’re having a hard time practicing the program. Take a look for what is within that is stopping you from moving forward. Remember it’s the thought for week number 9.

When you learn to feel and learn to accept – you are progressing

For this week #8, we would like to symbolize the infinity shape 8 as a tool to implement our past work with mind body connection; by applying a physical movement.

Week #8 Task

Stand up straight with your feet wider than your shoulders; tilt your pelvis slightly down and forward. Start moving/rotating your hips in a 8 figure shape. Keep the figure 8 in your mind as you practice the exercise; which will enhance the mind body connection.

Remember to practice exercise from the center

slow but steady wins the race

Let’s take a look at our effort and what we felt last 5 weeks tasks, for example,

1. Looking in depth at your journey.

2. Looking at the gratitude and positive moments,

3.Looking at even the resistance moments of laziness.

We are all on the same boat.

Whatever it is, remember –Ultimate road to health – practicing attitude of gratitude with consistency,

The 6th week task is: Tools and Action
First week: understanding the changes in the new life I choose.

Second week: perfecting my attitude and gratitude. ACT ON IT

Third week: observe distraction, accept it and use positive tools such as affirmations.

Fourth week: paying attention to my actions.

Fifth week: consistency, be repetitive.

Be useful when you see someone without a smile-give them yours

Be useful when you see someone without a smile – give them yours.

Ponder on the sentence of the week: Be useful when you see someone without a smile - give them yours

Last week was about speaking our gratitude to our surrounding.  Hope you are able to practice that and it helped you feel the appreciation within.

This week’s task it’s all about taking actions, start expressing your gratitude by doing good; small deed, anything at all.

Giving donation of some sort to a person in need shows that you appreciate what you have and especially do it with a gesture, smile and kindness.  By doing good gives is a great way to feel good.

God, the universe or whichever you consider to be your god: you speak good and it’ll be good.

God, the universe or whichever you consider to be your god: you speak good and it’ll be good.

One of the keys for being happy in life is acknowledging what you have and be grateful; be grateful and it will open doors. Express your gratefulness throughout the day, and see the changes.

It’s easier to appreciate when we don’t take things for granted. Be grateful for the waiter serving you coffee; the cashier at the market; your spouse who made you breakfast. Even if this is their job, when you give appreciation and gratefulness life is better. It is all a matter of attitude.

This week task: make it a habit to tell people thank you, express your appreciation sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Remember when you don’t take anything for granted, even the smallest thing is worth your gratitude.

You are where your thoughts are, so make sure your thoughts are where you want to be

You are where your thoughts are, so make sure your thoughts are where you want to be:

 Our mind often could shift in to negative thoughts: think good it will be good

Get there by being aware of your thought; we have the power to do so. First step: accepting the facts of life.

Example: if you are frustrated, stuck in traffic listen to your favorite shows or music. Take the time to organize your thoughts. All it takes is to practice accepting the facts in the most positive state of mind.

Remember your own your own mind and not the opposite! So take the time to practice and be patient with it.

The task this week: practice all of the above as you wake up in the morning with gratitude and good attitude; with the first mission to list 5 things that you are grateful for; even if it’s the smallest thing you have endured or experienced. With that attitude it is easy to implement this task.

Wishes for gratitude and health above all

The Healing Chiropractic Center of Dr. Jacques Bendavid DC