Ping Shuai Gong Qi Gong

平甩功Follow up the holiday season with healthy habits, for example, practice Ping Shuai Gong Qi Gong.

Below  is a link to an instructional video on Ping Shuai Gong Qi Gong. You will feel the benefits right away, especially if you’ve been chomping at cookies, feasting with home cooked meals and sitting around too much these holidays.

Qi Gong exercises can help you with your digestion, back aches, leg and knee pains, and many other illnesses. Start with 10 minutes, then 20 minutes and eventually 30 minutes. The video has been translated in many languages. When you are familiar with the exercise, you can swing twice and then squat. Enjoy. (english is in subtitles)

Image credit from swinghandexercisepingshuaigong.